Thursday, August 26, 2010

Finally my own blog!

I finally convinced mom to let me have my own blog!  So this morning we got up like normal and when it was time for mom to leave she took me with her!  I never get to go in the car on a work day so I wasn't sure what was going on.  Well she took me to doggie day care!  I loved it!
But I was so tired. Day care is only a few miles from home.....

I just couldn't stay awake
Or even make it up the stairs of the mom tied me to the deck and let me stay here and rest while she got ready to leave.  She finally got me to come in because I was hungry from playing all day.  Mom went out for a couple of hours but she put the down comforter on the couch with the pillow for me and I was out like a light!


  1. YAY EMMETT! Oh, I'm SO excited you finally convinced Heather! I'm going to tell EVERYONE about you on my blog! I have like, 72 friends now!
    ps. now we can keep up to date with each other. I hate it when mom makes me go months without seeing you! AND mom said that MAYBE, if we're good, we can go to daycare TOGETHER! AHHHH!!!!

  2. Hi Emmett-
    Nice to meet you! Wow, you must have really played hard at day care....Bark out Loud!


  3. Hello there Emmett! I came by to formally introduce myselfs. My name is Minna Krebs, and I am pleased to meet you!

    Welcomes to BlogLand! I can't wait to get to know you more! You are one handsome looking boy dawg, fur sure.


    PeeS...I read your profile and that is a very sad story bout your beginning life. Butt I am so happy that you found such a wonderful forever home

  4. Hey Emmett, Corbin sent us over. Very nice to meet you :)

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda & Brutus

  5. Hi Emmet! Corbin told us to come so here we are. Sounds like you had a fun day. Come over see Lola.

  6. Hola Emmett, so glad that you decided to join us here in the blogging world. I found your blog through my furfriend Corbin and I so hopes that we can be furfriends too! I looks forward to hearing all about your adventures! Come check my adventures out at

    Lots of Chi Kisses,

  7. Hi Emmett!!! One of our favorite buddies Mr Corbin sent us over here! You are one good looking pup!! We cant wait to read more about you!!

    Fred and Haylie

  8. Hello deres Emmitt,

    Welcome to bloggie land, I am a furiend of Corbins, he sent me over heres to introduce myself to youz! Guess whats???? I lives real close to youz and Corbin AND I go for walks in da Crossings too!!! I hopes to meet youz guyz dere someday soon! Come by my bloggie and say hi!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie MAe

    PeeS I am a new follower :)

  9. Emmett,
    OOps my doofus mom spelled your name wrong...I will makes sure she doesn't do it again. :)

  10. Hi Emmett! I is glad you has a blog!


  11. Nice to meet you Emmett, you are one cute pup:)

  12. Hi Emmett, we just love Corbin and we are so glad to meet you. Welcome to bloggy land. You're going to have fun. Doggie Day care must have really wore you out. Hope you get some rest!

  13. Hey ya Emmett! Any bud of Corbin's is a bud of mine! :)

    You got all pooped out at doggy day care huh? I'm guessin that means you had way too much fun :)

    Sounds like you have a really comfy place to recoup. Rest up bud. Fun times will be a callin before you know it!

    Followin your tail,

  14. Hellos deres Emmett. Corbin sent me overs to invade...I mean, to visit your bloggie. You sure is handsome...he wasn't lying after all...hehehe!
    You are gonna just loooooooves being in Blogville. We has sooo much fun heres and we likes a good pawty too.
    I hopes you drop by to sees me soon.



  15. Hi Emmett, Corbin sent us over to meet you. That doggy daycare sounds like a great place to play. We don't have a daycare, but there are three of us, so I suppose we ARE a doggy daycare!

    Look forward to reading about your adventures.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  16. Hi Emmett, Corbin sent me over to say hi. You have quite a story! Wow, so glad everything turned out OK for you. I am a rescue doggie, too!

    Your pal, Pip

  17. Hello, Emmett! Corbin said you were almost as handsome as he is, so I had to come and see for myself. He was right!


  18. Hello Emmett, I am Glad that you finally got your own blog. Your Friend Corbin sent me. We can't wait to read more.
    Your Friends
    grover,geisha,lily,bailey,and Wrinkles

  19. WOW Corbin you really are famous. My mom always says you need your own tv show but I think the blogging stuff is just as good. Nice to meet you all I will have to catch up on all of your blogs but I am wayyyyy to tired.

  20. hi emmett!

    we are friends of corbin and are so excited that you have your own blog!

    it is soooo nice to meet you!

    i am a pug, and my name is emmitt too!

    how fun!

    m & e

  21. Emmet-
    What a sad story with such a happy ending. So glad your mommy adopted you. You sound like a very lucky pup.

    Hope you check out all of our blogs!

    JL, Grayce, and Danger

  22. Hi Emmett !!!

    Your cute lovely brother from a different mother sent me over to say hi !!
    Do drop by to visit sometime too .. We will love to have you around for tea..

    Licks and boxer wiggle butt

  23. Hi Emmett! I came over from the blog hop - well, actually from Corbin's blog, which was listed in the blog hop. Welcome to blogland and I hope to read more about your life in your new forever home.

  24. Hi Emmett! We are just sniffin over from Mr. Corbin's place. You have a super cool bloggy!

  25. Hi Emmett! Nice to see you! Glad that you can have your own blog!


  26. Hi Emmet! It's a blast having your own blog! Found you from Corbin's blog. Look forward to hearing about all your adventures!